James Jones - National Board Member

james-jonesJimmy Jones is secretary of CAIR's national board and has been a civil and human rights activist for more than three decades.

Dr. Jones is a tenured associate professor of world religions with a concurrent appointment in African studies at Manhattanville College (Purchase, NY).

As chair of the board of the Islamic Seminary Foundation, Prof. Jones is involved in several projects that are designed to set professional standards, develop support networks and establish educational/training initiatives for imams, chaplains and other persons who lead in or provide services to the Muslim American community.

Dr. Jones' writing, research and lecture activities are focused on comparative religions, Muslim American identity development and conflict resolution. He has lectured at, taught at, or consulted to institutions in Bahrain, Bermuda, Bosnia, Egypt, Great Britain, India, Jerusalem, Trinidad-Tobago, Qatar, Saudi-Arabia, United Arab Emirates and throughout the United States.

A member of the American Academy of Religion, Prof. Jones holds a bachelor's degree from Hampton University, a master's degree from Yale Divinity School and a doctorate in ministry from the Hartford Seminary.

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