Register Online for CAIR's Oct. 2-5 Banquet & Convention

Register Online for CAIR's Oct. 2-5 Banquet & Convention

Registration is now available online for
CAIR's 10th Annual Fundraising Banquet and Convention, October 2-5, in Washington, D.C.

TO REGISTER, GO TO: (Remember, CAIR dinners have all
sold out in the past, so reserve your tickets today!)

Theme: "Building a Better America: A Decade of Dedication"
Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, 2660 Woodley Road, NW
Washington DC, Tel: 202-328-2000 Fax: 202-234-0015
Cost: $55 per person, $85 per couple
Limited babysitting available during the banquet: $10 per child

Theme: "A Better America in a Better World"
Sheraton Premiere at Tyson's Corner, 8661 Leesburg Pike
Vienna VA, Tel: 703-448-1234 Fax: 703-610-8293
Convention Registration: $150 per person includes meals



o Building Bridges Between America and the Muslim World
o Elections 2004: Issues, Aspirations and Strategies
o Towards a Fair Portrayal of Islam and Muslims in the Media
o Civil and Human Rights in Times of War
o Reasserting the Mainstream Muslim Voice
o The Role of Faith in Promoting Peace, Harmony and Tolerance
o Muslim Contribution Toward Building a Better America
o America and the Muslim World-Strategic Partners for Peace


1. REGISTER ONLINE by going to:
For more information, call 202-488-8787 or e-mail [email protected].
After you have filled out and submitted your registration information, you
will be sent an e-mail confirming that CAIR has received your information.

2. CAIR NEEDS VOLUNTEERS to help with preparations before and during the
Annual Banquet and Convention. Anyone interested in volunteering should
attend the first volunteer meeting this Saturday morning in our DC office
from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Please e-mail [email protected] or call
202-488-8787 ext 6050. (Contact CAIR if you would like to volunteer, but
cannot attend the meeting.)

Florida University Accomodates Basketball Player's Hijab

Florida University Accomodates Basketball Player's Hijab

The Florida office of the Council on
American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-FL) announced today that a female Muslim
athlete at the University of South Florida (USF) in Tampa will be allowed
to wear hijab on the basketball court. SEE:

The 22-year-old Muslim convert left the USF basketball team and lost her
athletic scholarship last week after allegedly being told by her head coach
that she could not wear the religiously-mandated scarf during practices or

In a meeting today between the basketball player, university officials and
a representative of CAIR-FL, it was agreed that the team would accommodate
her Islamic attire and reinstate her scholarship. The university also
agreed to work with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) on
any issues related to existing headwear policies.

"We thank the University of South Florida for its swift and decisive action
in resolving this issue," said CAIR-FL Communications Director Ahmed
Bedier, who took part in today's meeting. "An athlete should not be asked
to choose between engaging in healthy sporting activities and her
deeply-held religious beliefs."

Ahmed noted that the Prophet Muhammad himself recommended that children be
taught activities such as swimming, horseback riding and archery.


Contact the university to thank them for accommodating the Muslim athlete's
Islamic beliefs religious practices.


Ms. Judy Genshaft, Ph.D.
University of South Florida
4202 E. Fowler Ave., ADM241
Tampa, FL 33620-6150
TEL: (813) 974-2791

E-MAIL: [email protected], [email protected],
[email protected], [email protected]
COPY TO: [email protected]

TX: Rep. Jackson Lee Condemns Anti-Muslim Hate

TX: Rep. Jackson Lee Condemns Anti-Muslim Hate

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee today called upon local,
state and federal officials to condemn and work against violence against
Muslims after yet another attack against the Muslim community in Texas. On
Friday afternoon, a man allegedly threw two makeshift firebombs at the
Islamic Center of El Paso. The man was arrested after allegedly throwing
two bottles of gasoline at the Islamic Center. Fortunately, the bottles did
not ignite, and no one was injured. Congresswoman Jackson Lee stated
today, "It is sickening to me to witness yet another hate crime committed
against a peaceful community simply because of their faith. It is
imperative that law enforcement authorities in the state of Texas work in
conjunction with the FBI and together bring an end to this string of
religious-based violence…It is truly saddening to me that in this day and
era there are still hate crimes being committed, but this bigotry will not
deter our nation from treating people of all faiths with equality and
dignity. Whether in the state of Texas or anywhere else crimes against
Muslims or any other religious group have no place in America," concluded
the Congresswoman.

COPY TO: [email protected]

CONTACT: Assad Akhter, (202) 225-3816

Register Online for CAIR-DC Dinner

Register Online for CAIR-DC Dinner

Join us in our nation's capital October 2, 2004, for CAIR's 10th
Anniversary Banquet, "Building a Better America: A Decade of Dedication."
Keynote speakers include Imam Siraj Wahhaj and Ralph Nader.

WHEN: Saturday, October 2, from 6-10 p.m.

WHERE: Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, 2660 Woodley Road, NW Washington DC,
Tel: 202-328-2000 Fax: 202-234-0015

Tickets: $55 per person, $85 per couple
Limited babysitting available during the banquet: $10 per child



To volunteer to help at CAIR's 10th Anniversary Banquet, e-mail
[email protected] or call 202-488-8787, ext. 6050.

For all those volunteers who are helping with CAIR's 10th annual banquet,
there is a mandatory 30-minute meeting at noon this Saturday, September
25th, at the CAIR headquarters (453 New Jersey Ave, SE, Washington, DC).
Those who have not volunteered and would like to help the evening of the
dinner must attend this meeting as well. If you have any questions,
comments or need directions, please contact Ibrahim Abusway at 202-646-6043
or [email protected]

Register to Vote Now! Deadlines Approaching

Register to Vote Now! Deadlines Approaching

Week of September 20, 2004

Most states have a voter registration cut off date in early October. If you
want to participate in the Presidential election-now is the time to get
registered. Register right now by going to:
(Click on "Register to Vote.")

1. Be sure everyone you know is registered to vote.
2. Starting today, make a list of registered voters that you know.
You'll want to contact them on election day and make sure they go vote.


From the Cincinnati Enquirer

"Could the ultimate swing vote in the ultimate swing state turn out to
be...Muslims? Every group this year claims to be the key swing group. But
Muslims have two statistics on their side: They vote, and polls show
there's been an extraordinary switch in allegiance since 2000."


Why is it important to you?
The USA Patriot Act was rammed through Congress on an emotional wave
following the September 11, 2001 attacks. It was sold as a tool against
terrorism but, as feared, it is being used in other ways. A report
published in Newsweek in December 2003 notes that two-thirds (2/3) of the
money laundering cases the government was pursuing using the Patriot Act
had no terror connection. Some provisions are necessary to combat
terrorism, such as those sections enabling the sharing of intelligence
among government agencies.

Many provisions are not necessary and are constitutionally suspect. Section
213, sneak and peek, allows law enforcement officials to go into your home
or office without informing you. Section 215 allows law enforcement to
order any person or entity to turn over documents. These documents can
include library records, business records, medical records, video rental
records, and even travel agency documents. This information can be demanded
without probable cause, generally a necessary ingredient for legal

Some of the provisions of concern are set to expire at the end of 2005.

Where do they stand?

George W. Bush
President Bush wants to expand [the USA Patriot Act]. Bush supports the law
enthusiastically, mentioning it at every campaign stop, but says it doesn't
go far enough. Administration-backed measures to expand a few provisions,
including searches and seizures of personal and business records, are
pending in Congress. But Bush's plan to offer an ambitious Patriot II
sequel has been shelved, at least for now, because some fellow Republicans
see Big Brother in some of the search-and-surveillance rules in the current
law. Bush also has called or permanent extension of Patriot Act provisions
scheduled to expire at he end of 2005, including the "sneak and peek"
searches. (Source: The an Francisco Chronicle, September 20, 2004)

John Kerry
"Sen. John Kerry wants to narrow the USA Patriot Act. Kerry, who voted for
the Patriot Act, says he wants to retain most of it and modify - but not
repeal - the provisions he considers most prone to abuse. Those involve
library and bookstore searches, wiretaps and the delayed-notification
searches known as "sneak and peek."

"Kerry contends the biggest problem with the Patriot Act is its misuse by
Attorney General John Ashcroft. But the only actions of Ashcroft he cites
are unrelated to the Patriot Act, such as the attorney general's approval
of FBI surveillance of political gatherings." (Source: The San Francisco
Chronicle, September 20, 2004)

Ralph Nader
Mr. Nader supports the repeal of the Patriot Act, and an end to secret
detentions, arrests without charges, no access to attorneys and the use of
secret "evidence," military tribunals for civilians, non-combatant status
and the shredding of "probable cause" determinations. (Source:


Presidential Debates (tentative)
First Debate: September 30, 2004 in Coral Gables, Florida. Second
Debate: October 8, 2004 in St. Louis, Missouri.
Third Debate: October 13, 2004 in Tempe, Arizona.

Vice-Presidential Debate (tentative)
One Debate: October 5, 2004 in Cleveland, Ohio.

(Note: CAIR neither advocates the removal of nor endorses any specific
political candidate or political party.)

CONTACT: Corey P. Saylor, CAIR Government Affairs Director Tel: (202) 488-8787, (571) 278-4658, [email protected]


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