CAIR Civil Rights Reports

CAIR began documenting anti-Muslim incidents following the 1995 attack on the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, when some commentators initially blamed Muslims for the bombing. Before the real perpetrators were identified, unsubstantiated rhetorical links sparked a wave of anti-Muslim hysteria that resulted in almost 250 incidents of harassment, discrimination and actual violence against American Muslims or those perceived to be Middle Eastern.

CAIR documented the anti-Muslim backlash following the Oklahoma City bombing in a report called "A Rush to Judgment." That account was the first of CAIR's annual reports on the status of American Muslim civil rights.

CAIR's reports on the status of Muslim civil rights in America from 1996 through 2009 can be found below. In 2010, CAIR initiated a review and update of its civil rights database. This included adding Islamophobia classifications and reviewing the current civil rights case classification definitions. Civil rights data for 2010 can be found in our first Islamophobia report.

Previous reports:


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1995 - CAIR Civil Rights Report

1995- A Rush to Judgement

1996 - CAIR Civil Rights Report

1996 - The price of ignorance

1997 - CAIR Civil Rights Report

1997- Unveiling Predjudice

1998 - CAIR Civil Rights Report

1998- Patterns of Discrimination

1999 - CAIR Civil Rights Report

1999- Expressions of Faith

2001 - CAIR Civil Rights Report

WRONG IMAGE SIZE2001-Accommodating Diversity

2003 - CAIR Civil Rights Report

2003- Guilt by Association

2004 - CAIR Civil Rights Report


2005 - CAIR Civil Rights Report

2005- Unequal Protection

2006 - CAIR Civil Rights Report

2006- The Struggle for Equality

2007 - CAIR Civil Rights Report

2007- Presumption of Guilt

2008 - CAIR Civil Rights Report

2008- Without Fear of Discrimination

2009 - CAIR Civil Rights Report