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Seeking legal help from CAIR Civil Rights Department

The Civil Rights Department of the Council on American-Islamic Relations works to protect and extend the civil liberties guaranteed primarily by the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution. We take requests for legal help for civil rights matters.

We can only take a limited number of cases, and with regret must turn down some requests even when serious injustice has occurred.

Generally, we represent individuals who have experienced religious discrimination or been targeted because of their religion.  We also support other groups' litigation with Amicus Curiae briefs to educate courts on these issues.

Types of cases we consider for individual representation:

  • Freedom of Religion: The right to be free from government interference with your decision to practice any religion, or no religion at all. We also work to limit government-sponsored religious activity. 
  • Equal protection: The right to be free from illegal discrimination by the government or a private employer. For example, a government agency refuses to hire a Muslim woman.
  • Due Process: The right to a fair procedure to challenge the government inclusion on a watchlist.
  • Freedom from Government Misconduct: For example. government agents may target individuals or refuse to assist individuals because of their religion.  If any government agent (police, FBI, etc) wants to question you, please contact us for assistance.
  • Freedom of Speech: For example, a dean suspends a student for writing an article that endorses Islam.
  • Immigration or Asylum Cases
  • Victims of hate crimes

If you think your request falls within the parameters above, please file a complaint with our office.  The information that you submit will treated as confidential by the Civil Rights Department.

Please fill in your information:

Please fill in your information:
Who is making this complaint?
My complaint is against the following:
Date of act giving rise to your complaint:
Witnesses or persons with information regarding your complaint
Details of the Incident
Have you filed a complaint with any other agencies?

(Examples: complaint filed with police department, discrimination complaint filed with equal employment opportunity office in company or agency.) If yes, please describe, give dates, and send copies to

Is an attorney representing you? Has an attorney ever represented you in this matter?
Has a criminal or civil lawsuit been filed against you or on your behalf?

Send photocopies (NOT ORIGINALS) of any relevant documents by email to or by facsimile to 202-379-3317

By submitting a request for legal help to the Civil Rights Department of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, you acknowledge the following:

The information I have given is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that by receiving and considering this request for assistance, the Civil Rights Department of CAIR is not representing me and not responsible for ensuring that any statute of limitations or notices requirements are met in my case. I understand that the information is being submitted to the Civil Rights Department. Once you have submitted your information, please wait at least 3 business days before contacting us if you have not heard back from us. We receive a high volume of requests for assistance and may take some time to respond.

The media regularly contacts CAIR for information on cases.