Contacting CAIR

If you would like to contact a CAIR chapter, click here to find your local chapter.

CAIR's headquarters:

453 New Jersey Avenue, SE Washington, DC 20003
Phone: (202) 488-8787
Fax: (202) 488-0833


If you are seeking legal help or wish to file a complaint about a civil rights matter, please use our online complaint form.  You can also email the Civil Rights Department at, call us at 202-742-6420 or fax us at 202-379-3317.


If you are a media professional, you can contact our media department by email or by calling 202-488-8787 x1.

If you are a media professional on deadline, you can also contact media staff at:

CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper at 202-744-7726 or
CAIR National Communications Coordinator Nabeelah Naeem at 202-341-4171 or


We offer a variety of workshops, seminars, and trainings on Islam and civil rights.  If you would like to schedule a speaker fill out the form here. For more information on our events, please email or call 202-488-8787 x 4.


The Department to Monitor and Combat Islamophobia can be reached here or by calling 202-742-6413.


If you would like to donate a Qur'an, click here.   If you would like a Qur'an, click here. For more information about the Qur'an project, please email.


To contact government relations department, please email or call 202-488-8787 x 6.


To make a donation online, click here.  You can contact the donation department by email or by calling 202-488-8787 x 3.


For information on starting a CAIR Chapter in your city, please contact or call 202-488-8787 x 7

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campaign islamophobia

CAIR’s department to monitor and combat Islamophobia tracks sources and incidents of Islamophobia across the country, creates dossiers on prominent Islamophobes, and produces factsheets to debunk false information that has been spread about Islam.

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