Urge U.S. Government to Evacuate Americans Trapped in Yemen

yemen-articleThere are numerous reports of US citizens trapped in Yemen, and unfortunately the US government is not assisting with evacuations, despite the fact that many others have evacuated their citizens even as recently as this week. Use this click-and-send option to send a quick letter to urge our country’s leaders to take urgent action to protect US citizens.




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Urge Arkansas Lawmakers to Reject Anti-Muslim, Foreign Law Bill

Arkansas-legislatureCAIR is calling on Arkansas residents who who value constitutional freedom and civil liberties to contact the Arkansas State Legislature to reject anti-foreign bill "American Laws for American Courts" designed to stigmatize state Muslim communities.

Today in the Arkansas State Legislature the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a vote on whether or not to send anti-foreign law House Bill 1474 to the Senate floor for a final vote. Already passed by the House, should the Senate Judiciary Committee approve the bill, it would only be one vote away from being referred to Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson to sign into law.

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Ask Texas Reps to Reject Stigmatizing Foreign Law Bills

If you live in Texas, please contact your state representatives and ask them to reject several anti-foreign law bills that are designed to stigmatize Muslim communities. All three bills have been assigned to the House Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence Committee.

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, president of the Texas State Senate, has pledged while campaigning that he would permit anti-foreign law legislation to proceed in the Senate if any of these bills passes the House.

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