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Minnesota city sued for rejecting Islamic center

abu-huraira-mosque-pioneer-pressBy Andy Rathbun, Pioneer Press

The U.S. government sued the city of St. Anthony on Wednesday for alleged religious discrimination over its rejection of a proposed Islamic center in 2012.

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Russell Brand Slams Sean Hannity, Backs CAIR’s Condemnation of Gaza Killings

Russell-Brand-stillThe comedian rips apart the ignorance and inherent bias in Hannity's segment on Israel and Gaza

By Prachi Gupta, Salon

In his web series "The Trews," this week comedian Russell Brand watched "Hannity" so that you didn't have to, and ripped apart Fox News host Sean Hannity for extremely "childish" and biased coverage of the incredibly complicated Israel-Gaza conflict.

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On Facebook, Va. GOP treasurer questions Muslim contributions to U.S. history

BobFitzsimmondsBy Patricia Sullivan, Washington Post

The treasurer of the Virginia Republican Party has questioned the contributions of American Muslims in a public Facebook posting that attacked a recent statement by President Obama.

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