CAIR-Oklahoma: On the right side of history

Soltani-opedBy Adam Soltani, Oklahoma Gazette

On Aug. 15, I received an unexpected phone call that delivered some of the best news I have heard in my lifetime. It was a call from Gadeir Abbas, one of the attorneys representing myself and other plaintiffs in a case known as the Oklahoma Anti-Sharia Amendment case. I was overjoyed to hear that judgment was ruled in our favor and U.S.

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CAIR-FL: Professor's Islam talks incite hate

Matusitz-speakingBy Hassan Shibly, Orlando Sentinel, 8/28/13

When we learned that Jonathan Matusitz, a University of Central Florida associate professor, would give a presentation vilifying Islam and Muslims in a Brevard County Commission meeting room, we expressed concerns to the commission that taxpayers should not subsidize hate speech.

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