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Israel to Build 600 New Settlers Home in W. Bank

JERUSALEM - Israel unveiled plans on Thursday to build more than 600 new homes in Jewish settlements, drawing fresh Palestinian condemnation a day after Israel approved an expansion of its security barrier in the West Bank.

The government published tenders for a series of building projects planned for three West Bank settlements on occupied land in defiance of a U.S.-backed "road map" peace plan that calls for a halt to construction at settlements.

Housing Ministry spokesman Koby Bleich said the tenders were part of "a government policy by which we are to advance and develop communities in Judea and Samaria (biblical names for the West Bank) in accordance with needs and natural growth."

But Palestinians denounced the move. The international community views all Jewish settlements on occupied territory as illegal. Israel disputes this...


Holy Land Leader Wants his Day in Court

GARLAND -- The U.S. government considers Shukri Abu-Baker a dangerous man, a supporter of suicide bombers in the Middle East who is living an outwardly nondescript life in a Dallas suburb.

But almost two years after the Islamic charity he headed was shut down by President Bush, Abu-Baker is still trying to force the government to prove its case against the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development in open court.

Abu-Baker, who became a U.S. citizen in 1989, said the raid on Holy Land was "equivalent to a psychological hurricane," taking away his job and cutting off his family's health benefits.

And he continues to proclaim his innocence, even as he waits for a federal grand jury's decision on whether Holy Land's officers have committed any crimes...


Muslim Groups Say Pipes Misrepresented Endorsement

DECLARATION (9/12/2003) - The Ulama and Organizations cited in the purported endorsement of Dr. Daniel Pipe's appointment to the United States Institute of Peace was a misrepresentation and that none of the Ulama and Organizations was consulted nor was aware of it beforehand.

Therefore, the Ulama and Organizations whose names are appended below, categorically deny any association with this endorsement and call for the immediate withdrawal of the document from the website of Dr. Daniel Pipes to whom this declaration is also being transmitted.




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