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Jury Awards $2 Million to Man Fired For Missing Work

A Los Angeles jury has awarded $2 million to a Muslim courier who was fired for missing three days of work when his third child was born.

Mehmood Darjee, 38, sued Laboratory Corp. of America, alleging religious discrimination and violation of the state's Family Rights Act.

His attorney, Carol L. Gillam, said that last week's verdict should send a message to "workers, particularly in the immigrant community ... that our justice system still works to protect them, despite the otherwise significant loss of liberty many are experiencing in these post- 9/11

The jury of seven men and five women awarded Darjee $150,000 for lost wages, benefits and emotional distress, plus $2 million in punitive damages...


At Mideastern Stores, 9/11 Still Hurting

Fady Daw counts his store, Cedar Valley in Columbia Heights, as a victim of the Sept. 11 attacks. It has suffered a slow and ambiguous decline, not the explosive ending generally associated with a terrorist strike.

The loss, nevertheless, is real. Sales have dropped by about one third since the attacks, and Daw said he sold the supermarket on Monday, to buyers who plan to shift the emphasis from Middle Eastern food to Mediterranean with a French and Italian flair...

The ethnic business owners say they have also suffered from other, more subtle factors that are difficult to quantify. They say customers seem to be shunning businesses associated with regions where the United States is fighting terrorism...


Scientist Say Iraq Never Revived Nuke Programme

VIENNA - Iraq never revived its secret nuclear weapons programme after it was dismantled by U.N. inspectors in the 1990s, a senior Iraqi scientist at Iraq's new Ministry of Science and Technology said on Tuesday.

Before launching the March 20 war to topple Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, the United States and Britain said Saddam was trying to develop an atomic bomb and other weapons of mass destruction.

In four months of inspections before the war, U.N. weapons inspectors never found any evidence of this. Since major military actions ended in Iraq, U.S. and British military have also found no evidence to support this allegation...


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