CAIR Voter Registration Drive

Believe it or not, but it’s that time of the season again. What season? Election season, and now, more than ever, it is critical that all eligible Muslim Americans make sure that their name is on their state’s voter registration list. CAIR will be leading the drive in ensuring that all Muslim citizens of the US over the age of 18 know their rights as a voter, and exercise those rights to their fullest come November 5th, 2002. Our goal, insha’Allah, is to register more than 100,000 new Muslim voters over the next eight months.

Why Should I Vote?

1)The Muslim community must work to enjoin the good and forbid the evil. Voting plays an essential role in doing so in this society. Electing to support or oppose a candidate based upon his or her opinions or actions can play a tremendous role in the making of government policy at all levels: policies that can affect your local community and the entire Muslim ummah worldwide.

2)Muslims in America share a set of common values and interests which they should support and make known to others. By backing candidates that share our interests and concerns, you can help improve the moral, social, and economic environment of this great land.

3)Too often in the past, Muslims have not exercised their right to vote thereby weakening their negotiating power with elected officials at all levels of the government. Politicians only help those who helped vote them into office. Even if they did not vote for that candidate, their vote demonstrates that they are interested in their country and committed to helping make it a better place, something all Americans respect.

4)You pay taxes. Whether you vote or not, the government still takes a large share of your yearly income to pay for programs that you may or may not support. Why let them spend money on things that you don’t want them to?

5)The 2000 Elections. Despite whatever thoughts you may have about the outcome of that election, it is clear to almost everyone that George W. Bush won due in part to the overwhelming support that he received from the Muslim voters. As in all tight elections every vote counts, and if Muslims vote en masse, their numbers may be enough to tip the balance in favor of the candidates that they support.

What Do I Do Now?

It’s quite simple. Please fill out the form below and indicate whether or not you are a registered voter. Eligible voters who have not registered will be contacted soon with the instructions for registering in their own state. Voters who have already registered will be sent materials about this year’s elections and how they can help in making sure that their friends, families and neighbors are registered too. In either case, CAIR will be providing all those who fill out our form with a free one year membership to the organization as our way of saying thank you for helping us reach our goal.


Oklahoma Governor says racial profiling needed

The Transportation Department is foolish to tell airport screeners not to consider some racial and ethnic factors when screening passengers, Keating said.

The department has instructed "if someone is speaking Arabic or reading the Koran or praying, that is not to be a factor at all," Keating said. "Well, that's reckless in my view…"

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Newsweek cover story focuses on Quran and Bible

He was a pious family man, a trader from Mecca who regularly retreated into the hills above the city to fast and pray. In his 40th year, while he was praying in a cave on Mount Hira, the angel Gabriel spoke to him, saying, "Muhammad, you are the Messenger of God," and commanded him to "Recite!".

MUHAMMAD PROTESTED that he could not-after all, he was not gifted like the traditional tribal bards of Arabia. Then, according to this tradition, the angel squeezed him so violently that Muhammad thought he'd die. Again Gabriel ordered him to recite, and from his lips came the first verses of what eventually became the Qur'an, regarded as the eternal words of God himself by some 1.3 billion Muslims around the just a hundred years, the Qur'an created an entire civilization that at its height stretched from northern Africa and southern Europe in the West to the borders of modern India and China in the East. Even today, in streets as distant from each other as those of Tashkent, Khartoum, Qom and Kuala Lumpur, one can hear from dawn to dusk the constant murmur and chant of the Qur'an in melodious Arabic…