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Parishioners upset about anti-Islamic sign

Some church members at the Crossroads Assembly of God Church in Wilder say they may picket over a church sign displaying an anti-Islamic message.

The church moved into the spotlight this past week when the message appeared on its reader board. The sign says: "The spirit of Islam is the spirit of Antichrist" in block capital letters.

Although Pastor Geoff Cole says the sign bears an important message, it has generated disapproval from some longtime church-goers.

"There are very few people in the church who agree with it," said Sharon Wilks, a caretaker of the church with her husband, Mike…

…The Wilkses called Cole after seeing reports last week in the news. They told him it reflects poorly on church members.

"It disgraces the church, the people who go to church here and the community," Mike Wilks said. "There is good and bad in every faith, every race, creed and color."

The Wilkses said they want to try to mobilize church members to picket before church services...


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