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Two Muslims arrested for suspicious activity

Two Muslim men, free on bond Thursday on charges in connection with separate violations, say they were arrested after stopping their rental vehicle to kneel in a parking lot and pray.

The Somalis who live in Houston had finished their prayers and were about to drive their rented U-Haul truck off the parking lot this week when officers arrived to investigate a report of suspicious activity, said Texas City police Capt. Anthony Morgan.

Officers found under the passenger seat a sheathed Bowie knife with a blade measuring 5 3/4 inches -- a quarter inch more than Texas law allows. Yusuf was charged with possession of an illegal weapon, Morgan said.

He said police notified the U.S. Immigration Naturalization Service and the FBI of the arrests.

Morgan said the men work for a company that requires them to pick up boxes from stores. Police were called after residents began to wonder what the men were doing.


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