The freedom to believe doesn't go far

I THOUGHT the United States was a country where people have religious freedom because it's written in the Constitution. People here are not supposed to have any problems while following their own religion.

In fact, the first European settlers came here for religious freedom. So, why can't Muslims walk freely outside now? Why do Muslims have to fear when they are outside? Why did this religious right end? And why can't
everything be like it was before Sept. 11? Are we Muslims responsible for all these tragedies? The word "Islam" means peace. Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. In fact, Islam forbids terrorism. Just because those terrorists are Muslims, it doesn't follow that all Muslims are terrorists. The terrorists might call themselves Muslims but they are not "pure." In the Koran, it's written that if you kill an innocent person, you will get killed the same way. Those terrorists gave an inaccurate view of Islam to others…


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