Steven Emerson to be featured on CBS "48 Hours"

(CBS) Last December, Erin Moriarty was blindfolded and taken to a secret location somewhere in the Washington DC area. She was taken to the headquarters of the Investigative Project, where workers say they are tracking Islamic terrorists in this country. They say their lives would be in danger if their identities were known.

The group's leader is former journalist Steve Emerson, who runs this group of self-appointed terrorist hunters. He himself maintains a high profile, appearing on TV as a terrorism analyst…In an interview after the Oklahoma City bombing, Steve Emerson confidently pointed his finger at the wrong culprits at Muslim terrorists. As everyone now knows the bombing was the work of an American Methodist, Tim McVeigh.

"I've been chastened by that experience," he says. "Absolutely, I mean I learned my lesson…"


ACTION REQUESTED: (As always, be firm, but POLITE.)

1) BEFORE THE PROGRAM, go to "Who is Steven Emerson" (link above) for background on Steven Emerson's Islamophobic views.

2) TAKE NOTES while watching the program.

3) CONTACT 48 HOURS to express your views.

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