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Good News Alert: CAIR Welcomes University of Cincinnati Ending Relationship with Professor Who Harassed Muslim Student

(CINCINNATI, 3/8/18) -- The Council on American-Islamic Relations, Cincinnati Chapter (CAIR-Cincinnati) today welcomed the successful outcome of a complaint filed with the University of Cincinnati against a professor who reportedly harassed a Muslim student based on her religion and ethnicity.

In October 2017, the professor posted comments to his entire class in which he allegedly attacked a Muslim student, her ethnicity and her religion. In response to the professor’s behavior, CAIR-Cincinnati filed a complaint with the university on behalf of the student.

[MEDIA NOTE: The student has chosen to remain anonymous due to fear of reprisal.]

The University of Cincinnati investigated the matter and subsequently ended their relationship with the professor.

“All students have a federally-protected right under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to an education environment free of harassment and discrimination,” said CAIR-Cincinnati Staff Attorney Sana Hassan. “No student should be attacked or bullied because of his or her faith. A teacher’s job is to educate and protect students, not subject them to harassment or attacks because of their faith. We welcome the university’s decision to stand against bigotry and hate, and to fulfill its commitment to provide a positive learning environment for students of all faiths and backgrounds.”

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CAIR-Georgia to Pursue Legal Action Against Barrow County Sheriff After His 'Backdoor Ban' Blocks Local Muslims from Islamophobic Course

screenshot 2018.03.08 12 54 03(ATLANTA, GA - 3/8/2018) -- The Georgia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Georgia) today announced that it plans to pursue legal action against the Barrow County Sheriff's Office after it instituted discriminatory limits on who could attend an anti-Muslim training course taught by David Bores.

"Despite clear evidence that David Bores is an anti-Muslim extremist, the Sheriff allowed Mr. Bores to spread hate using taxpayer dollars," said Murtaza Khwaja staff attorney for CAIR Georgia. "To make matters worse, the Sheriff banned almost all Muslim residents of Barrow County from attending the event, while simultaneously encouraging Christian residents to attend."

According to Sheriff Jud Smith, any "leaders of houses of worship" within Barrow County were welcome to attend the "Islam in America" course alongside law enforcement officers. Although Georgia Muslims live in Barrow County, there is no mosque.

As a result, Sheriff Smith knowingly used this "backdoor Muslim ban" to prevent Muslim residents of Barrow County from attending the class alongside their Christian neighbors

Furthermore, emails obtained through an open records request by the ACLU of Georgia also reveal that the Sheriff's office actively encouraged members of Christian churches both inside and outside of Barrow County to attend the 'Islam in America' course. 

In a statement, CAIR-Georgia Executive Director Edward Ahmed Mitchell said:

"Once Sheriff Jud Smith invited private citizens to attend this anti-Muslim training alongside law enforcement, he had to treat those private citizens equally, regardless of whether they believed in a faith, and regardless of whether they belonged to a house of worship.

"Multiple civil rights organizations warned Sheriff Smith that it was illegal to invite Christian private citizens in Barrow County to attend the event, while at the same time denying Muslim private citizens the right to attend. A backdoor Muslim Ban is just as unconstitutional as a blatant Muslim Ban.

"The Sheriff also illegally discriminated against secular residents of Barrow County who do not belong to any house of worship. The government cannot favor the faith community over the secular community in this way. "What's done is done, but we must now ensure that this discriminatory behavior never happens again in Barrow County, or anywhere else in the State of Georgia."


On Monday, March 5, CAIR-Georgia, the ACLU of Georgia, Asian Americans Advancing Justice, Project South, Veterans for Peace, and Jewish for Peace called for the Sheriff to cancel the course because of Bores' lack of expertise, as well as his history of false and defamatory remarks about various communities, including Muslims and Jews. SEE: Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Theorist To Train Georgia Law Enforcement Officers On Islam

The Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police subsequently announced that it had suspended approval for the Bores' anti-Muslim courses, but Barrow County Sheriff Jud Smith decided to proceed with the course.

Emails obtained through an open records request by the ACLU of Georgia reveal that the Sheriff's office actively encouraged members of Christian churches both inside and outside of Barrow County to attend the event, while denying Muslim private citizens inside and outside the county their requests to attend.

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CAIR-Minnesota Calls on Feds to Probe Video Showing Armed North Dakota Militia Members Destroying ‘Mosque’

screenshot 2018.03.07 17 35 00screenshot 2018.03.07 17 24 06screenshot 2018.03.07 17 23 48(MINNEAPOLIS, MN, 3/7/18) - - The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MN) today called for a state and federal investigation of a recently-discovered video showing members of the North Dakota Security Force III% shooting at and destroying a replica “mosque.”

NOTE: The Three Percenters are part of an armed anti-government extremist movement that formed militias based on their belief that only three percent of colonists fought in the Revolutionary War.

SEE: Active Antigovernment Groups in the United States

The video, posted on YouTube in 2016 and recently sent to CAIR, shows a package of bacon – which is often used by bigots to intentionally insult Muslims – and then shows members of the group shooting at and exploding the replica mosque. NOTE: For a copy of the video, contact CAIR-MN Executive Director Jaylani Hussein, 612-406-0070, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

“This disturbing display of violent bigotry targeting an American religious minority should be investigated by state and federal law enforcement authorities, and must be repudiated by public officials and religious leaders of all faiths,” said CAIR-MN Executive Director Jaylani Hussein.

He noted that CAIR has witnessed an unprecedented spike in bigotry targeting American Muslims and members of other minority groups since the election of Donald Trump as president.

SEE: CAIR Welcomes Hate Crime Charges for Louisiana Man Who Damaged Store Because He Thought Owners Were Muslim 

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