CAIR-Houston: Executive Director

CAIR Executive Director (ED) Job Description:

The ED reports to the board of directors. The ED is responsible for the fulfillment of the organization’s mission and the development and implementation of its strategies. The ED oversees and provides strategic leadership for the chapter’s work and continued growth and development.

ED Primary responsibilities:

1.0 General Management:

1.1 Oversee daily operations

2.0 Board of Directors Relations:

2.1 Attend and prepare agendas and materials for board meetings.

2.2 Ensure that chapter constitution/by-laws are followed.

3.0 Financial Management:

3.1 Develop and oversee the annual budget.

3.2 Monitor and manage revenue and expenses.

3.3 Provide financial reports and annual reports to the Board of Directors.

4.0 Fundraising and Development:

4.1 Organize and conduct fundraising events on behalf of the chapter, such as the annual banquet.

4.2 Continue on-going fundraisers and development of future events.

4.3 Research and write grants.

4.4 Cultivate relationships with current and new donors.

4.5 Manage membership campaigns and the annual fund drive.

5.0 Community Relations:

5.1 Act as the public face for CAIR-Houston.

5.2 Conduct educational and diversity training workshops about Islam and Muslims.

5.3 Interface and build relationships with community members, organizations, and interfaith leaders.

5.4 Interact with the Muslim community across the CAIR-Houston service area (10 counties) on a regular basis.

5.5 Maintain communication with other CAIR chapters nationwide.


6.0 Public and Media Relations:

6.1 Oversee the production of publications and advertising pieces including reports, literature, campaign themes, announcements and advertisements.

6.2 Draft and distribute news releases, newsletters, action alerts, press statements, and talking points.

6.3 Develop relationships with and interact with media on an ongoing basis and monitor media coverage.


7.0 Civic and Government Relations:

7.1 Conduct meeting with local, state and federal government officials on an ongoing basis

7.2 Meet and collaborate with other civil rights organizations on common causes

7.3 Establish educational events and campaigns to encourage civic engagement and   

     empowerment for the Muslim community in the CAIR-Houston service area (10 counties).


8.0 Program Development:

8.1 Maintain existing programs, projects and campaigns.

8.2 Develop new educational and civic participation programs and campaigns.


9.0 Informational Technology/Social Media

9.1 Oversee/maintain CAIR-Houston web site and provide updates.

9.2 Oversee and provide inputs/updates to CAIR-Houston Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.



Bachelor’s degree required (a degree in the humanities, law, business or related field is preferred). Masters Degree(MBA or Juris Doctorate preferred).

Completion of Non-Profit Management Certificate Program highly desirable.

3-5 years work experience with a non-profit organization or in a related field.

Knowledge of civil rights, voting rights, human rights.

Experience in building coalition with other civil rights, interfaith, community service  organizations.

Experience in managing people and leadership skills.

Excellent interpersonal relationship and team building skills.

Experience working with the Board of Directors.

Excellent written and oral communications skills.

Experience in developing, managing, reporting and maintaining budgets.

Planning and organization skills.

Experience in fundraising, including procuring grants.

A solid understanding of issues relating to Islam.

An outgoing and proactive disposition.

Candidate must be computer literate.

Must be a U.S. citizen.


Commensurate with education and experience,

Note: Please submit your resume to: