Action Alerts

Act Today to Defeat Anti-BDS Bill in Congress

(CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization, is urging Americans to contact their members of Congress to support the right of non-violent protest like boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS).Members of Congress are being asked to oppose the passage of the 2015 US-European Union trade bill until it is amended to remove language that threatens European countries opposed to trade with Israel or its illegal settlements on occupied land.BDS is the same peaceful

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Urge U.S. Government to Evacuate Americans Trapped in Yemen

There are numerous reports of US citizens trapped in Yemen, and unfortunately the US government is not assisting with evacuations, despite the fact that many others have evacuated their citizens even as recently as this week. Use this click-and-send option to send a quick letter to urge our country’s leaders to take urgent action to protect US citizens.      

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Urge Arkansas Lawmakers to Reject Anti-Muslim, Foreign Law Bill

CAIR is calling on Arkansas residents who who value constitutional freedom and civil liberties to contact the Arkansas State Legislature to reject anti-foreign bill “American Laws for American Courts” designed to stigmatize state Muslim communities. Today in the Arkansas State Legislature the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a vote on whether or not to send anti-foreign law House Bill 1474 to the Senate floor for a final vote. Already passed by the House, should the

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Ask Tennessee Reps to Oppose No-Go Zone Bill

If you live in Tennessee, please contact your state representatives and ask them to oppose HB 1141 and SB 1040, which would vilify the state’s Muslim community by directing the Tennessee attorney general to eliminate imaginary “no-go zones.” “No-go zones” refers to a discredited and universally mocked claim that Muslims in Europe have set up zones that people of other faiths and police are not allowed to enter. Earlier this month CAIR asked leaders in

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Ask Mississippi Governor to Veto Anti-Foreign Law Bill

If you live in Mississippi, please contact Governor Phil Bryant and ask him to veto HB 177, an bill intended to stigmatize Muslims that would ban on state court consideration of foreign laws. The governor’s office has not indicated whether or not he will sign the bill.

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Ask South Carolina Reps to Reject Unconstitutional Bill

CAIR is calling on South Carolina residents to contact their elected representatives in the South Carolina General Assembly to reject an unconstitutional, anti-Muslim bill whose sponsors admit is designed to attack the religious principles of Islam. House Resolution 3521 seeks to “prevent a court or other enforcement authority from enforcing foreign law, including but not limited to, Sharia Law in the state. …” HB 3521 is similar to an amendment in Oklahoma that was ultimately

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