Urge President Bush to condemn Israeli War Crimes

Urge President Bush to condemn Israeli War Crimes

CAIR is calling on American Muslims and other people of conscience to urge President Bush and other elected officials to end the United States’ “servile stance toward Israel’s war crimes” in the Gaza Strip after at least 10 unarmed Palestinian protesters, all children and teenagers, were massacred on Wednesday according to various media reports.

CAIR said the president’s uncritical support for Israeli brutality in Gaza sends the message that his repeated demands for democracy and the protection of human rights in the Middle East are disingenuous.

In a statement issued today, CAIR said:

“In his speech this week before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), President Bush devoted just one sentence to Israel’s ongoing destruction of Palestinian lives and property in Gaza. He called Israeli home demolitions and the killing of civilians ‘troubling.’ Amnesty International used another more appropriate term: ‘war crimes.’

“But such lukewarm American reaction to Israeli brutality is no longer news to people in Europe, the Middle East or the Muslim world. For decades, they have seen America subordinate its own international interests to the political whims of a foreign government engaged in a devastating military occupation of another people.

“Our servile stance toward Israel’s war crimes contradicts repeated claims that America is the defender of human rights, democracy and freedom in the Muslim world. How can we claim to promote freedom in the Middle East when we deny it to the Palestinian people? How can we claim to demand respect for human rights around the world when we turn a blind eye to Israeli rights violations? How can we claim to fight all forms of terrorism when we give tacit approval to Israeli state terror?

“America’s image in the Muslim world will never improve until we put forward foreign policies that apply one standard of justice for all nations, not just for those that have a powerful domestic lobby.”

Action Requested: (As always, be POLITE.)

  1. Contact the White House at 202-456-1414 or 202-456-1111 to demand that the president condemn Israeli’s war crimes in Gaza
  2. Contact the chairman and ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and House International Relations Committee.

    Senate: Chairman Richard Lugar (R-IN) (202) 224-4651
    Ranking Joseph Biden (D-DE) (202) 224-3953
    House: Chairman Henry Hyde (R-IL) (202) 225-5021
    Ranking Tom Lantos (D-CA) (202) 225-6735

  3. Go to http://capwiz.com/cair/dbq/officials/ to e-mail the president and your elected representatives.
  4. Write editorials and letters to your local newspaper using the talking points provided in this alert.
  5. Encourage other civic and interfaith organizations to condemn the war crimes committed by Israel’s government via press statements or joint press conferences.