Meet Asma Hanif, nurse to Muslim women in need

Asma-Hanif-MSNBCBy Lorena Ruiz, MSNBC

This week's Melissa Harris-Perry Foot Soldier is Asma Hanif, an advanced practice nurse who has devoted her life to operating Al-Nissa Holistic Health Center, a free clinic for women who are homeless, uninsured, or victims of domestic abuse, and Muslimat Al-Nisaa, a shelter for Muslim women.

Muslim for a Day

BU-hijab-dayBy Susan Seligson, BU Today, 3/29/2013

Dian Qu's boyfriend refused to walk with her. Sonia Perez Arias' friend giggled when he saw her and total strangers greeted her on Commonwealth Avenue with the word "Salaam." Anya Gonzales gained what she calls "a new-found respect" for Islam. For Richa Kaul, an initial sense of fear gave way to understanding and confidence.

Muslim Women Encouraged to Explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Hajjar-AhmedBy Andrea Worker, Connection Newspapers, 3/28/2013

The Nubian Benevolence Association was the official sponsor for the Muslim Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) presentation at the Lorton Community Library on Saturday, March 23, but there was little doubt that Hajjar Ahmed, daughter of the organization's co-Founder Hossam Ahmed, was the driving force behind the event.

NYPD Muslim spying program leads to suffocating silence

By Thomas Mariadason and Maryam Said, AM New York

A secret agent follows students on a rafting trip and logs their conversations and prayer habits. A pole-mounted camera zeroes in on the entrance of a house of worship, reminding congregants that they'll be watched even in the most intimate settings. Patrons of local shops don't chat about the daily news, keeping to themselves to avoid drawing attention.

The Horrifying Impacts of NYPD Ethnic Profiling on Innocent Muslim Americans

A new report describes the concrete ways a clandestine spying program has caused individuals and communities to suffer.
Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic

America's largest city, an ethnically diverse, politically liberal melting pot of more than 8 million people, routinely violates the civil liberties of its racial and ethnic minorities.

Anti-Islamic ad campaign is only spreading hate

By Nathan Lean, special to the San Francisco Examiner

If not careful, you may be met eye to eye with the world's most notorious terrorist, Osama bin Laden, while waiting for one of San Francisco's Muni buses. The Muslim monster was not resurrected, but his face, along with an ominous quote of violence, is part of a citywide ad campaign taking aim at the term "jihad."

CAIR Leaders Meet with Parliamentarians in Morocco

ParliamentCAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad and Board Chair Omar Zaki are part of an American Muslim delegation to Morocco.

On Thursday they met with members of Morocco's parliament about the impact of the Arab Spring (left).