Anti-Islam Activists Are Freaking Out About Crayons Now

crayola-coloring-bookBy Tim Murphy, Mother Jones

Anti-Shariah activists have a new target in their sights: Crayola. Late last week the Pickens County (Ga.) Republican party posted a call to action on its website about a new promotion from the world's leading crayon manufacturer, which had begun offering free Islamic-themed coloring pages in honor of Ramadan.

Zut alors! The images are pretty innocuous--one features a prayer rug; another features a young boy kneeling while reading from the Koran. But the Pickens GOP sees something more nefarious:

Recall that Muslims consider Ramadan the "month of jihad" and "month of victory" over infidels. Crayola should remind kids not to try and draw Muhammad lest their parents need to fend off Muslims and enter witness relocation -- like the creator of Everyone Draw Muhammad Day -- since the FBI nor anyone else will protect them.

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