AR: Dinner Celebrates Diversity in Faiths

It was a night people of different faiths and worship traditions reached out to each other in peace and understanding as the Institute of Interfaith Dialog conducted a banquet Tuesday at the Fayetteville Town Center.

Every year during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, the Institute of Interfaith Dialog, which has chapters in several other cities, organizes the dinner to celebrate diversity and recognize the richness of the community.

It was the third such event in Fayetteville.

Alp Erbem, a representative of the institute, explained that Ramadan is a time of worship and devotion to God, a time to read the Quran, and also a time for inner reflection, thanksgiving, giving to charity, selfcontrol and kindness.

The holy month emphasizes community, and fasting is a key part of it, he said. The dinner Tuesday was organized to celebrate the breaking of the fast and share with others who have different faiths and traditions. (MORE)


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