Arab-Americans unsatisfied with Bush

rab-Americans in four battleground states have "deep dissatisfaction" with George W. Bush's policies and low support for the president's re-election, a new poll showed on Friday.

This is a shift from the 2000 presidential campaign, when Arab-Americans in Michigan, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania -- all expected to be closely contested this year -- strongly favored Bush, a Republican, over Democrat Al Gore...

The four states are among the top 10 states in terms of Arab-American population, and represent a total of 510,000 likely voters. All have seen rapid growth in the size of their Arab-American communities in the last decade.

Voter turnout among members of this community is slightly higher than in the U.S. population as a whole.

The poll showed 32 percent of Arab-Americans across the four states rated Bush excellent or good for his overall job performance -- down from 38 percent in January -- and only 28 percent said he deserves to be re-elected. Sixty-five percent said it was time to elect "someone new..."


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