CA: Antioch Mosque Remembers Arson Attack

(ANTIOCH, CA, 8/6/2008) - The Islamic Center of the East Bay (ICEB) will hold a candlelight vigil to commemorate the first anniversary of the devastating arson attack on their mosque in Antioch on August 12, 2008.

Even after 12 months, the culprits have not been caught and remain at large in the community. The fire caused extensive damage estimated at between $400,000 and $460,000. Reconstruction of the mosque began in May 2008 and is expected to complete in the next few months.

Date: Tuesday August 12, 2008

When: 8 p.m.

Location: 311 W 18th St, Antioch, CA

Contact: Government Relations Coordinator, Mahrukh Hasan, or at 408-986-9874


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