CA: Employer Settles Headscarf Lawsuit

A lawsuit against a Fairfield jeweler alleging that it discriminated against an employee for wearing a head scarf has been settled.

Shereen Attia of Fairfield filed suit in July 2007 against Whitehall Jewelers. Attia was employed by Whitehall in 2004 and laid off in April 2006, according the suit. After she was laid off, she began wearing a head scarf in accordance with her Islamic religious beliefs.

In October 2006, Whitehall asked her to reapply for her job, but upon seeing Attia, her manager allegedly said he did not want "another one," the suit said.

The Asian Law Caucus represented her in the lawsuit because of "continuing discrimination of Muslims and South Asians in the workplace," the group said. (MORE)


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