CA: Islam Not About Freedom

CA: Islam Not About Freedom

Kirstin Muhm, Ventura County Star, 7/21/05,1375,VCS_125_3941755,00.html Re: Frank Moraga's July 15 essay, "Voices of moderation": As a world traveler who just returned from Egypt, I can tell you that America is the most tolerant nation in this world. We have more freedom in this country, and that is why so many immigrants desire to come here. But one thing that Americans will not tolerate is our freedom being taken from us. I quote from Mr. Moraga's essay: "Islam is not about hatred and violence. It's about peace and justice." Any Muslim who tries to convince us of that is trying to whitewash Islam. We are not stupid. We can read the Quran for ourselves. To be Muslim and not follow the Quran is blasphemy. It is full of violence and hatred, and it suppresses the rights of all women. Look at recent history and see what is happening to countries that are dominated by Islam. Freedom is taken away, and seventh century Arab culture becomes the law. If that isn't enough, the Quran says in Sura 8:30 to fight them (non-Muslims) until persecution is no more, and religion is all of Allah. In other words, keep up the terrorist activities until Islam dominates the world. To try to convince us that this is not true, show me an Islamic nation that loves and enjoys freedom as much as we do.



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