CA: Must Address the Issue of Hate Crimes

This is in response to your May 3 article "Anti-Muslim hate crimes triples
in '03."

The increasing rate of Muslim hate-crimes is an issue that must be
addressed and it is vital that a solution is found.

The year 2003 had the highest number of reported hate crimes against
Muslims, three times as many as in 2001 after Sept. 11.

This proves that these hate crimes are an escalating problem that are going
to continue to tear apart American citizens who should be bonding together
during this time of war.

Ignorance gives way to hate, and most Americans are uneducated about the
true nature of the Islam faith.

The media show the radical views that only a small percentage of the Muslim
people believe.

American-Muslims are being stereotyped as violent, hate-filled people, when
in truth the very meaning of the "Islam" is "peace."

The measures to protect American Muslims are apparently not working, so it
is essential that our country's resolve is strengthened to combat this
increasing prejudice


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