CAIR Alert: House Strikes Down Part of Patriot Act

CAIR Alert: House Strikes Down Part of Patriot Act

(WASHINGTON, D.C., 6/16/05)- On Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representatives voted 238-187 to strike down some of the excessive surveillance power found in the USA PATRIOT Act. Rep. Bernard Sanders' (I-VT) successful measure disallows funds for law enforcement searches of bookstores and libraries. The effected portion of the Patriot Act, section 215, is one of the most controversial parts of the law. It allows law enforcement to acquire a search warrant for "any tangible thing." It also imposes a gag order on the person who is served with the warrant and must turn over the requested records. CAIR is urging Congress to modify the USA Patriot Act. SEE:

In recent days, hundreds of CAIR supporters have contacted their elected officials asking for the Patriot Act to be curbed. Thirty-eight Republicans, 199 Democrats and the Independent Sanders supported the measure. The White House has threatened to veto if the measure passes Senate. To see how your Representative voted visit: (Click on your state to view your Congressperson's vote. If you wish to send a message thanking him or her or asking him or her to adopt a different position, enter your zip code into the box provided.)


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