CAIR-AZ: Airport Approves Uniform for Muslim Workers

Who wears the pants at Sky Harbor airport?
Not 30 Somali women who fought for the right to wear skirts on the job, and won.
The Muslim women balked at a planned policy change by their employer, GCA Services, (that's GCA's logo pictured above), that would have forced them to wear pants and a tucked-in shirt as they did their janitorial duties.
They'd been previously allowed to wear skirts; pants are too immodest for them.
After discussions between GCA managers, aiport officials, the Arizona chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the Somali Association of Arizona, it was agreed the 30 women could wear black skirts and aprons in addition to a white shirt. Their right to wear the Muslim headscarves known as hijabs was never in question, says Hakim Osman of the Somali Association of Arizona. (MORE)


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