CAIR-CA: Muslims, Japanese-Americans Share Experiences

The power to change the injustice toward minority groups in America is "in the youth," said sophomore teacher preparation and math major John Kanemoto at today's Voices Unite in Solidarity: Japanese-American and Muslim-American Experiences Post 9/11 forum.
The forum, which was held in the Redwood Room, focused on paralleling the experiences of Japanese-Americans during World War II and Muslim-Americans after 9/11.
Speakers included Carole Hayashino, Sacramento State's vice president of university advancement, Adel Syed, civil rights coordinator for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, and Andy Noguchi, representative from the Japanese-American Citizen League, or JACL.
The speakers shared their personal experiences as Japanese-Americans and Muslim-Americans living in America. (More)


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