CAIR-FL: Ad for Islam on Buses May Lead to Ban

In the wake of controversial bus ads saying Jesus followed the principles of Islam, Broward County commissioners are considering a ban on advertising religious messages on public transportation and all other government property.
The new policy would still permit churches and other religious organizations to place general ads promoting activities such as services or fairs. An ad saying "Jesus Saves" would be prohibited, but one publicizing the annual festival at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church in Fort Lauderdale would be allowed.
Broward has had no advertising standards that apply across the board at the port, airport, parks, libraries, government buildings and mass transit. County commissioners will consider the proposal Tuesday, but both sides in the January dispute believe it goes too far.
"This is a knee-jerk reaction from our elected officials to small voices of extremism," said Altaf Ali of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which bought the ads. (More)
CAIR-South Florida Director Altaf Ali responds to attacks on Islam and CAIR’s local bus ads.

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