CAIR-FL: Muslims, Jews Hold Fast-Breaking Banquet

As part of their commemoration of Islam's holiest month, Bay Area mosques are inviting non-Muslims to learn more about Islam during five Ramadan dinner celebrations this weekend.

Organizers hope the outreach will help break down stereotypes about their faith.

"We're inviting people into our centers so they can see how we worship and talk to us," said Dian Alyan, outreach director for the Muslim Community Association in Santa Clara. "That's the best way to understand what Islam stands for."

Alyan said the participating mosques -- which also includes the Islamic Society of San Francisco, Belmont's Yaseen Foundation, Fremont's Islamic Society of East Bay and San Jose's South Bay Islamic Association -- had held similar open houses in recent years.

The collaboration, which is meant to reach a larger number of people, will provide five locations around the Bay Area from which to choose. The Bay Area chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations is co-sponsoring the Santa Clara event.


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