CAIR-FL Video: Muslim Driver Claims Profiling by Police (News4Jax)

A Georgia man who recently visited Jacksonville said he has some very unpleasant memories of the city after he claims he was targeted by a police officer because of his ethnicity.
The man, who is Muslim, is filing a complaint against the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, because he said an officer pulled him over and asked him questions he felt were insulting.
The man, who does not want to be identified, said he was driving in his car wearing the official dress of Dubai when he said he pulled over and the officer told him it was for suspicion of DUI.
However, the man said he was never given a Breathalyzer test and instead was inundated with improper questions.
"It seems to us as though they are violating Constitutional laws that have been set," said Emad Ahmad, who works for the Council on American Islamic Relations.
Emad is working with the accuser in the case. He said the accuser was in town for a medical conference when he said the incident happened. Wearing a white Islamic robe and a turban, the man said he was pulled over by a sheriff's officer while on the Southside. (MORE)


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