At a “24” panel, co-creator Robert Cochran addressed protests from the
Muslim community about the Fox series’ plotline featuring a family-centered
Muslim terrorist cell in Los Angeles.

“We have a legitimate interest in telling stories that are grounded in
reality,” he said. “Terrorist acts by extremist Muslim groups [are] part of
the reality we face. . . . The vast, vast, overwhelming majority of
Muslim-Americans don’t condone terrorism. . . and are law-abiding U.S.
citizens like everyone else.”

Iranian-born actress Shohreh Aghdashloo, who plays the mother in the
terrorist family, said, “Although not all the Muslims are terrorists,
unfortunately most terrorists are Muslim.” Nevertheless, she cautioned
against jumping to conclusions about the trajectory of the new season of
“24,” which is still young: “Things may not appear as they seem.


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