A local investigation has found 27 civilians were killed in NATO-led air strikes in northeast Afghanistan, a provincial governor said Wednesday.

The villagers were killed during last week’s strikes in Kunar province that targeted suspected militants at a funeral and a house, governor Shalizai Didar said, citing the results of his local government probe.

Four health volunteers were also among those killed, health officials said.

“Four volunteers, for polio vaccination campaign were killed in the bombing. The campaign has been postponed in the area,” an official with the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) told AFP.

They were volunteers, the official said but asked not to be named.

The local public health chief, Asadullah Fazli also confirmed the casualties but said only three volunteers were killed.

“Three volunteers were killed. They happened to be in the village when it was bombed,” Fazli told AFP.

Didar said 37 Taliban-led militants were also killed in the strikes on Thursday and Friday in the restive province’s Watapour district.

“We investigated the incident and found out that 27 civilians and 37 Taliban were killed,” the governor told AFP.


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