We clearly are in the mean season now, our fears having taken firm hold, a time when even the horrific is justifiable if there is even the slightest chance of saving our American skins. Of course I am talking about U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo, and the nuclear-strike-on-Mecca silliness he spouted over the weekend. Someone really needs to toss a net over the man and get it over with. When I say mean season, I am talking, too, of the absurdities being played out in the streets of Denver, Boulder and elsewhere locally the past few days – those perpetrated by the Operation Save America loonies. They’re lambasting Muslims and gays, while making just about everyone vomit with their bloody abortion photos – all in the name of Jesus Christ. It is enough to make the sane pull the covers up and remain in bed. But that would eliminate all the fun of encountering and talking to these freaks. I know them, or at least their kind. The woman from Fullerton Road in Southern California is here this week.

At least I am almost certain it is her. I used to pass her every morning on my way to work, a woman who stood on a street corner outside an abortion clinic virtually in the shadows of Disneyland holding high these same pictures of aborted fetuses. She stood there with her large glossies every day. I finally stopped. “Jesus loves you,” she told me when I approached and asked about her dedication to the street corner and her message. She repeated this with every question I would pose. Finally, though, she’d had enough. It was, maybe, after the eighth question I asked that she softly intoned that she would “kill” me if I didn’t get away from her. When I wrote of her then, of her threat, in my column, she hounded me for two years with similar threats. I know that was her on the 16th Street Mall. A decade of living changes facial features, but I am certain it was her. She spoke the same Jesus-loving lines. And she stared at me with the same thinly veiled malice. It was her. I believe the last thing Jesus ever spoke about was killing. Yet here were these self-proclaimed “Jesus-loving” fruits going about their Jesus-loving business, spouting malice for everything and everyone who was not one of them. They picketed, of all places, the mosque on South Parker Road a couple of days ago. “Abortion, Islam and Homosexuality. What do these three have in common?” read a sign outside the mosque.

I couldn’t even hazard a guess. Yet I get it. I had to work hard, but I got it. Those who are not us are to be held at arm’s length and reviled. Examining our own actions and what those actions might provoke, well, that’s never part of the equation. It is why we have Tom Tancredo contemplating on the radio the bombing of the holiest of Muslim sites – holding that out as a potential preventative to a terrorist group setting off a nuke in the good ol’ USA. The congressman is never shy when it comes to his opinions. And this is a good thing, as long as what he says includes a modicum of sense. And let’s just say he will not be indicted this time for using good sense. He is a man, too, who needs to speak with just one of the military men and women the government has dispatched to Iraq to seek out and destroy the radical Islamists who hate us so. “I can’t believe he said that,” more than one soldier serving in Iraq wrote to me. “He might as well have gone on the radio and told every American to buy a Quran and flush it down the (toilet),” a lifelong friend now serving in Iraq e-mailed. (MORE)


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