The American military is investigating the death in
November of an Afghan man held in detention at an American military outpost
here in southern Afghanistan.

There are now five deaths of Afghans in American detention that the
military is investigating.

The family of the dead man, Abdul Wahed, 28, charge that the Afghan
commander of security at the base was responsible for his torture and
death, and various local authorities back that account.

The Americans do not say whether their investigation is focusing on the
Afghan commander, Daoud Muhammad Khan, who is a figure about town and can
be seen leading operations from the base.

American military spokesmen confirm that Mr. Wahed died on Nov. 6 at the
base here. Some 70 American Special Forces soldiers at the base live within
a perimeter of six bunkerlike positions maintained by an Afghan militia
force, who serve under murky lines of authority.

The American military has given few other details of the death..


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