Since the Sept. 11 attacks and the subsequent war on terror, many Muslim-Americans report they’ve been victims of harassment and discrimination, violence and vandalism.

We explore their fears in a six-part series entitled, “Afraid in America.”

Part 1: Sikh-Americans describe in graphic terms slurs often directed at them on the street presumably because of their Middle Eastern appearance.

Part 2: Are hate crimes on the rise? A new report from the Council on American-Islamic Relations says yes. The report’s author outlines his findings, which Muslim-American community leaders describe as “disturbing.”

Part 3: “Flying While Muslim.” The ACLU discusses lawsuits it has brought on behalf of airline passengers who claim they were “profiled” by security personnel on planes. ACLU claims U.S. security measures go too far and civil liberties are “under attack.”

Part 4: The FBI dismisses allegations, saying it doesn’t profile and has in fact successfully prosecuted a number of hate crimes. FBI says airline passengers are questioned or detained because of suspicious behavior, not simply because they are Muslim.

Part 5: Conservative groups deny an anti-Muslim bias. They defend the Bush Administration’s war on terror and dismiss Muslim complaints that conservative radio talk show hosts fuel hatred with anti-Muslim rhetoric.

Part 6: Muslim-American community leaders are pushing for passage of a bill pending in Congress. Republicans think the “End Racial Profiling Act” is unnecessary; Democrats who support it proclaim it dead as a doornail.


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