It is time Christian churches considered working with Muslims and Jews to
end violence in the world, says the general secretary of the World Council
of Churches.

Rev. Samuel Kobia told an ecumenical service yesterday at Ottawa’s
Southminster United Church that “we live in a world that is full of wars
and violence. It is as if we live in a jungle where the law of might reigns
over the weak.

“Let us join with other faiths, Muslims and Jews, who have a tradition of
struggling for peace.

Rev. Kobia is making his first trip to Canada, and met Canadian aboriginal
leaders and gave a public lecture in Winnipeg before arriving in Ottawa.

He will give the opening remarks today at an Ottawa Forum on Ecumenical
Dialogues organized by the Canadian Council of Churches.

He told church leaders from several denominations that the world also has
problems with climate change, and the exploitation of limited resources.

The church must play a role in transforming the world, he said. “It is only
the spiritual perspective that gives us the courage to hope for a world
where a lamb can lie down with a wolf.”

Rev. Kobia was ordained a Methodist minister in Kenya, and has a degree in
city planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as well as
doctorates in theology and religious studies.

The World Council of Churches is the largest expression of the modern
ecumenical movement, whose goal is Christian unity..


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