(Washington, DC)- Georgetown University’s Project MAPS and Zogby
International today announced the results of their joint 2004 American
Muslim Poll, “Muslims in the American Public Square: Shifting Political
Winds & Fallout from 9/11, Afghanistan and Iraq.”

“The results of this survey are truly astonishing””for American Muslims,
there has been a sea-change in political alignment and outlook since 9/11,”
said. Dr. Zahid Bukhari, director of Georgetown’s Project MAPS. “The
political realignment in the Muslim community is unprecedented in all of
American history.”

The 2004 Project MAPS survey found that Muslims had shifted massively from
2000, when a plurality supported President George W. Bush over Vice
President Al Gore, to today, when 76% support Massachusetts Senator John
Kerry and just 7% support President Bush. This political realignment seems
to come from several factors, including a higher emphasis by American
Muslims on domestic policy than on foreign policy; high opposition to both
the war in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan; and a higher percentage of
Muslims than other subgroups saying America is not moving in the right

The poll found 53% of American Muslim voters say they believe Muslims
should vote as a bloc for a presidential candidate. Four in five (81%)
respondents to the poll also indicated they supported the agenda of the
American Muslim Taskforce on Civil Rights and Elections (AMT), a U.S.-wide
coalition of the ten largest Muslim organizations, during the presidential
election. Over two in three (69%) said an AMT endorsement would be
important in making their decision for whom to cast their ballot”¦


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