An Army reserve officer faces insubordination charges after he questioned the legality of a waiver that his battalion was asked to sign allowing their third deployment to a war zone since January 2002.

Capt. Steve McAlpin of 401st Civil Affairs Battalion was notified in a memorandum Wednesday that he was being removed from the unit’s battle roster. Members of the 401st will be deployed for duty overseas on Dec. 3.

McAlpin said he could face other punishment, including a court martial and losing rank, over the charges.

In the memorandum, Lt. Col. Phillip Carey, commander of the 401st, charges McAlpin with having a “negative attitude” toward the 401st and with being “insubordinate towards the leadership” of the unit.

McAlpin, 44, said he questioned the waiver last Saturday during a teleconference with Col. Guy Sands, commander of the McAlpin’s parent unit, the 360th Civil Affairs Brigade. McAlpin asked whether the battalion may be violating federal law by not allowing combat troops a required 12-month “stabilization period” at home”¦


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