A federal grand jury has indicted a Dallas man who prosecutors say
assaulted an Iranian-American at a fast-food restaurant because of his

The indictment, made public Thursday, alleges that Curtis William Murillo,
37, attacked and injured the man in 2002 because of his “race, color and
national origin.”

Mr. Murillo, according to federal authorities, assaulted the man at a
McDonald’s on 13105 Montfort Drive in Far North Dallas.

The man, who is 53, declined to comment Thursday about the incident, saying
it was “over now” – and that he wanted to put it behind him.

Mr. Murillo, who was released on a personal recognizance bond pending a
hearing next week, could not be reached for comment.

A Dallas police report taken after the incident said that an
Iranian-American driver encountered Mr. Murillo early one Sunday morning at
the McDonald’s drive-through window. The report says the man got out of his
car and yelled when Mr. Murillo, who was waiting in his car behind him,
honked his horn.

Mr. Murillo then yelled, “Why don’t you [expletive] people go back to your
own [expletive] country,” according to the report.

With both men out of their vehicles, the man, who is smaller than Mr.
Murillo, displayed a fire extinguisher and said, “now come at me,”
according to the report.

The report says Mr. Murillo then pulled a tire jack from his trunk and hit
the other man several times through his driver’s side window. Mr. Murillo
continued yelling that the man, who suffered bruising and swelling on his
arm, elbow and shoulder and an abrasion on his face, should leave the
country if he didn’t like it, the report states


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