President Bush said in a published interview that Iraqis fighting
American troops weren’t all terrorists and insisted he can understand their
distaste for occupation.

In an interview with Paris Match magazine, that will go on sale Thursday,
Bush said “no one would want to be in the place” of Iraqis under occupation.

“They are not all terrorists,” Bush said in the interview, conducted last
week in the Oval Office. “The suicide bombers are, but other fighters
aren’t. They can’t stand being occupied.”

“That’s why we are giving them back their sovereignty,” he added, a
reference to U.S. plans to give control of the country to an interim Iraqi
government on June 30. Bush said “complete sovereignty” would be given to
the Iraqi leadership.

The Associated Press received an advance copy of the interview, and
translated Bush’s remarks from French to English.

Bush is to arrive Saturday in France for commemorations of the 60th
anniversary of the World War II D-Day landing. The June 6, 1944 invasion on
the Normandy coast, led by U.S. forces, marked the beginning of the end of
Nazi rule over France and much of Europe.

In a theme he is likely to bring up Sunday in an address in Normandy, Bush
raised parallels between the U.S. intervention in World War II and the Iraq


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