Locked up more than two years as a security threat and
accused of supporting terrorists, four Iranian brothers are challenging
Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft’s decision to hold them without bail in a case
their attorney said stemmed from “post-9/11 hysteria.”

The Mirmehdi brothers – Mohammed, Mostafa, Mohsen and Mojtaba, who once
worked as real estate agents in the San Fernando Valley – have been in
custody since Oct. 2, 2001. U.S. officials wanted to deport them, but
immigration judges intervened, finding that they would be persecuted if
forced to return.

An immigration appeals court ruled that they were subject to mandatory
detention under a provision of the Patriot Act, though they have not been
charged with terrorism…

Immigration authorities arrested the Mirmehdis after the FBI investigated a
MEK cell in Los Angeles. The only witness at their detention hearing was an
FBI agent who testified by telephone that informants told him the Mirmehdis
were supporters of MEK, according to court records.

Federal investigators have not produced any evidence to show the Mirmehdis
were MEK members, not even after a government informant testified that he
recorded between 200 and 300 conversations with cell members, according to
court records and attorney Marc Van Der Hout, who is representing the brothers


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