Charles K. Sergis wrote that your Jan. 12 story about the hijab was a
“positive spin about the slavish Muslim dress code for women” (letter, Jan.
17). I am a Muslim American woman who, at the age of 30, began wearing the
head scarf, and I have to say one has to try it for oneself to know how it
really feels.

It really does feel liberating, but narrow-minded people simply don’t
understand something that they have no firsthand knowledge about. I have
been raised since I was a child in England and then here in the U.S. by
thoroughly secularized parents. My mother and younger sister do not wear
the head scarf, but I do and I very much regret not having worn it much
sooner in my life. Sadly, many people just don’t want to believe us Muslim
women if our opinions and experiences clash with their view.

Shereen Sabet

Huntington Beach


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