Muslims are often criticized for not doing enough to promote peace and
goodwill in this era of terror. All the more reason to hail Inland and
Southern California Muslims for taking such an active role in the South
Asian tsunami relief effort.

Their efforts prove, again, that the bond of humanity transcends religious

In mosques across the southland, Muslim clerics are urging congregations to
give as much as they can to aid relief efforts in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and
India – all of which have large Muslim populations. And 1,500 people of all
faiths are expected to attend a fund-raiser sponsored by Islamic Relief USA
in Anaheim tonight to help buy emergency supplies for the tsunami victims.

Others are donating their expertise. Four Muslim doctors from Southern
California, including Rancho Cucamonga physician Rahmi Mowjood, left for
Sri Lanka on Thursday to provide whatever medical assistance they can.
They’re working on behalf of a Jewish charity called VeAhavta, which is
Hebrew for “You Shall Love…”


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