SACRAMENTO, Calif.: Islam is the fastest-growing religions in the United States. John Blackstone reports on a man who’s out to change the way others see Muslims.

At the Salam mosque in Sacramento, Calif, the call to prayer echoes with tradition. But the leader of the mosque is anything but traditional. Imam Mohammed Azeez delivers his Friday sermon while his 2½-year-old daughter darts among the worshipers. He prays five times a day – prompted by a high-tech reminder: his BlackBerry.

Azeez is young for an imam ”” he’s only 30. He came from Egypt six years ago and graduated from Ohio State University. His daughter was born here. His wife, Kauther, seems no less modern. She wears jeans with her headscarf. “The fashion changes, you know,” she says with a laugh.

But a lot has changed since Sept. 11, 2001. The imam now worries about his wife. “She was called a ‘raghead’ at one point,” he says. Azeez is also afraid that little Zeyneb could be a target of intolerance. “I’m scared to let my kid play outside for fear of any person or attacker,” he says.


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