The sign in front of the Church of the Nazarene in Sunnyvale, promoting a
sermon by Sunday’s guest speaker, is raising a few eyebrows.

“Why I am not a Muslim,” reads the electric signboard in front of the
church at 975 Fremont Ave. But church officials and the speaker say the
message isn’t intended to inflame.

Guest speaker Donald Fareed said the sermon he will deliver is intended to
explain to Nazarene church members how he arrived at his own decision to
convert to Christianity. It is not, he said, a spiritual attack on Islam.
In fact, far from it.

But the sign surprised Jay Keller and his wife, who have lived around the
corner from the church for the past 12 years.

“I thought that is an offensive sign per se,” he said. “I work with a lot
of Muslims and don’t know why someone would put up a sign like that. They
can’t possibly be oblivious to the fact that it might be offensive to some


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