Hijabs are sooo not hot this season — or, like, ever — if you ask Abercrombie and Fitch. A 19-year-old Muslim employee at one of the company’s Hollister stores in Northern California learned that the hard way: losing her job. But now the Council on American-Islamic Relations has filed an official complaint on her behalf against the company.
Khan says she was promised her headscarf wouldn’t be a problem during her interview for a part-time position in the stock room (which it’s rumored is where they keep all the less-than-desirables) but trouble arose when a district manager visited the store this month.
“The lady told me that my hijab was not in compliance with the ‘look policy’ and that they don’t wear any scarves or hats while working,” she told KTVU. “I told her it was for religious reasons and again she stated it was against their ‘look’ policy.” Khan refused to go uncovered and she was fired on Monday. (More)


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