I am a Muslim.

While our religious beliefs may vary, our love and respect for one another should not.

Islam is the continuation of the same message that prophets Abraham, Moses and Jesus taught: that there is one God, there is Heaven and Hell, and that we are responsible for our beliefs and actions.

Islam, Christianity and Judaism have more in common, but unfortunately, the similarities are being overlooked. Examples are:

* All three faiths honor Abraham as a patriarch.

* Jesus is seen as a sinless prophet in Islam, and his name is mentioned 99 times in the Koran.

* The three faiths believe in one God, angels, prophets, have holy books and judgment.

* Mary, the mother of Jesus, is honored in the Quran; where there is a whole chapter about Mary and the miracle birth of Jesus.

* Jesus is the messiah that not only Christians believe will return, but so do Muslims. However,
Muslims do not believe Jesus is the son of God.

There are also remarkable similarities between the Ten Commandments and the Quran. They should not be surprising, because Muslims believe that Judaism, Christianity and Islam all originate from the same God. God’s laws are universal but their adoption is a matter of choice. (MORE)

[Mohamed El-Sharkawy is a member of the board of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Arizona chapter (CAIR-AZ), which is dedicated to presenting an Islamic perspective on issues of importance to the American public.]


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